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Our Team

You can rest assured knowing that the professional team at Woow Canada are taking care of your immigration process on time and on budget. Meet our team.

Kateryna Kuzhel

Senior Immigration Consultant (R516884)
“I am proud to establish a company that identifies, addresses and closes existing gaps, hardships, and structural malfunctions of the immigration and settlement system in Canada. Here at WooW Canada, we join the forces of the ultimate immigration architects.”

Alex Kuzhel

Director of Development &
Business Relations
“Bridging connections”

Sevinj Gamarli

Lead Immigration Consultant (R534383)
“Our approach to considering the worst case scenario in each immigration case leads us to alternative strategies that always work for our clients.”

Nigar Hasanova

Lead Immigration Consultant (R710698)
“We are always searching for extensive evidence to support our client’s immigration case and building a strong legal argument for eventual approval.”

Penelope Ortega

Lead Immigration Consultant (R709423)

Alina Hetman

International Admissions and Case Processing Department

John Zhuang

Business Development Specialist

Olga Prokopiv

Immigration Case Analyst
“Giving up is always an option, but it is never our choice.”

Deby Dale Flores

Immigration Case Analyst

Mira Freiwat

Immigration Case Analyst

Mariia Savchenko

Immigration Case Analyst

Khrystyna Tymochko

Immigration Case Analyst

Cyrish Ong

Intake Coordinator

Meredith Yabes

LMIA – WP Team Lead
“Absolute commitment is a great currency for obtaining great things!”

Sara Huseyn Zada

TR & PR Team Lead

Kimberly Fabillar

Immigration Case Assistant

Julie Tabasin

Immigration Case Assistant

Raquel Sarto

Immigration Case Assistant

Queenie Roluna

Immigration Case Assistant

Cherry Mae Lopez

Intake Coordinator

Juliaa Rokka

Business Support Coordinator

Viktor Gladkikh

Operations Manager
“No matter how difficult it is to achieve your goals and dreams, do everything you can and we will help you.”

Joan Dapulang

Accounting Department

Ksenia Zaiets

SMM Coordinator

Ekaterina Zvyagina

Marketing and Brand Coordinator

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