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Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

We will build a unique immigration strategy based on your personal credentials and background that will work for you and lead you to success!

  • Kateryna Kuzhel

    Kateryna Kuzhel

    CEO & Senior Regulated Immigration Consultant (R516884)

    «I am proud to establish a company that identifies, addresses and closes existing gaps, hardships, and structural malfunctions of the immigration and settlement system in Canada. Here at WooW Canada, we join the forces of the ultimate immigration architects.»
  • Sevinj Gamarli

    Sevinj Gamarli

    Team Lead [TR & PR Department]
    Regulated Immigration Consultant (R534383)

    «Our approach to considering the worst case scenario in each immigration case leads us to alternative strategies that always work for our clients.»
  • Nigar Hasanova

    Nigar Hasanova

    Team Lead [TR & PR Department]
    Regulated Immigration Consultant (R710698)

    «We are always searching for extensive evidence to support our client’s immigration case and building a strong legal argument for eventual approval.»
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