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We are committed to finding your exclusive way to get your permanent residency or determining a solution for your case.

Even though some online resources make the immigration process sound easy, we know that it is absolutely OK not to feel that way!

It is OK:

  • to have a million questions related to your immigration strategy.
  • do not know how to address additional IRCC’s requests.
  • to feel lost with current rapidly changing immigration policies.
  • to feel scared when your legal status in Canada is approaching its validity date.
  • to look for proper answers that would bring your peace of mind back.

WooW Canada Immigration Team

WooW Canada Immigration Team experiences your feelings the same way while dealing with complicated and puzzled immigration cases of our clients.

These past 10 years of immigration practice have shown us that you cannot be too certain about your immigration strategy. You definitely need to have access to a proper analysis and a resilient plan on how to accomplish your immigration goals.

You definitely need to have access to a proper analysis and a resilient plan on how to accomplish your immigration goals.

Get my plan

You may think in 2 ways:

  1. I will try to figure out my immigration steps and look for help once I am in trouble.
  2. I will allocate time determining the proper immigration strategy, creating a step-by-step plan to have a clear vision of becoming a Permanent Resident.

Do not waste time on unsuccessful steps.
Choose the most reliable immigration strategy right now!

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Why do you need a consultation?

If you are already engaged in your immigration journey, you know that various aspects confuse you and lead to the question: How to act in my case? We know what you are going throughand are ready to provide you with:

  • a step-by-step plan on how to become a permanent resident
  • clear documentation collection process
  • stability in your immigration journey
  • professional support and confidence that you can do it!
Continue your journey with us

WooW Canada in numbers:

  • 22

    team members and an ongoing HR strategy for continuous recruitment for 2023

  • 26

    years of combined immigration law practice experience

  • over


    immigration programs and algorithms covered by our practice

  • over


    hours of consultations

  • average


    application submissions per year

  • 95%

    temporary stay applications approval

  • 100%

    LMIA Approval

  • 100%

    PR Approval

  • 5

    Languages that we speak: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Tagalog, Mandarin

3 steps to book your consultation

  1. Choose the type of your consultation
  2. Choose one of our immigration consultants
  3. Book a date and pay for your consultation

You will receive an email confirmation with conference call meeting instructions and our Assessment Form. Therefore, check your spam/newsletter folders and DO NOT miss it.

Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

We will build a unique immigration strategy based on your personal credentials and background that will work for you and lead you to success!

  • Kateryna Kuzhel

    Kateryna Kuzhel

    CEO & Senior Regulated Immigration Consultant (R516884)

    «I am proud to establish a company that identifies, addresses and closes existing gaps, hardships, and structural malfunctions of the immigration and settlement system in Canada. Here at WooW Canada, we join the forces of the ultimate immigration architects.»
  • Sevinj Gamarli

    Sevinj Gamarli

    Team Lead [TR & PR Department]
    Regulated Immigration Consultant (R534383)

    «Our approach to considering the worst case scenario in each immigration case leads us to alternative strategies that always work for our clients.»
  • April Ramos

    April Ramos

    Team Lead [TR & PR Department]
    Regulated Immigration Consultant (R707619)

    «Immigration strategy equips you with the plan and outlines the resources you need to execute the plan to influence your future in Canada.»

How will WooW Canada process your Case?

You have enough stress in your life; we provide support at every step of your pathway to APPROVAL to make your life easier.

Our 10-step workflow:

We proceed with your strategy determination during our Consultation
We finalize your commitment to become a WooW Canada client
We open your Immigration Case and assign a designated specialist to work on your Case
We start bringing your Strategy to life by providing you with detailed instructions. You proceed with document collection under our supervision.
We jump on a Strategic Call when we see that your Case needs adjustments and your documents collection process needs our assistance.
We review your documentation and perfect evidence structure to have a killer argument for your Case.
We package your Application and finalize your submission letter. Yes, we always write strong submission letters that present your Case to the processing officer. Our submission letters are our roadmaps to your evidence and eligibility.
We submit your Application and provideyou with the confirmation.
We keep you updated and continue the dialogue with IRCC on your behalf.
We advise you about your Approval and Celebrate it together with you!
Book a consultation

Important note

IMPORTANT: it is IMPERATIVE to complete our Assessment Form as detailed as possible. We are not committing to general information consultations. Therefore, it is crucial to receive your details, credentials, employment history, case specifics that would significantly influence the immigration strategy determination process.

Very important suggestion

Another VERY IMPORTANT suggestion from WooW Canada Team:

We are confident that you want to make the most of this paid consultation. THEREFORE, make sure to allocate some time to sit down without distractions to write down ALL possible details of your immigration journey, employment history, family complicated matters, status issues in Canada, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, your questions.

SEND THIS INFORMATION TO US at least 24 hours before your consultation.

This CONSULTATION PREPARATION technique would elevate the quality of your scheduled consultation.

Looking forward to meeting you ONLINE or IN PERSON.

Get started!

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Let our clients speak for us.

You have questions
we have answers

Since 2012 WooW Canada Immigration has been changing lives for the better — inclusive of its team members, clients and partners.

WooW Canada Immigration, our well-known BRAND name, was established by LegaMax Legal Services Professional Corporation, a corporation authorized to provide legal services by the Law Society of Ontario. Kateryna Kuzhel, our CEO, is a licensed immigration consultation and paralegal in Ontario. It means we are officially authorized to represent our clients in the immigration process.

Two years in a row, we have been chosen as the best Immigration Company in our area. You are welcome to verify our designation by clicking the link: TOP CHOICE Immigration firm in Vaughan in 2023.

WooW Canada in Numbers:

  • 26 years of combined immigration law practice experience 22 team members
  • 3 Licensed Immigration Consultants
  • over 30 immigration programs and algorithms covered by our practice
  • over 6000 hours of consultations
  • average 2000 application submissions per year
  • 95% Temporary stay applications approval
  • 100% LMIA Approval
  • 100% PR Approval

Clients from over 22 countries received their approvals with WooW Canada. Join them!

First of all, we are genuinely sorry about your bad experience.

We at WooW Canada do not have a mission to overturn somebody’s bad experience into a great one. Here at WooW Canada, we have a missing to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients and know how to read the signs that our clients trust us. We do not treat the Case as a soulless file as we are not dealing with the client; we are dealing with the client’s destiny. When you understand that your client’s destiny lies in your hands, you treat your work with a different responsibility level.

How do we know that our clients trust us?

They share their plans and aspirations with us. Moreover, they ask for our advice, not even immigration related.

They genuinely value our detailed guidance and share the responsibility of getting approval.

They strongly recommend us to their family and friends.

They value our transparency and upfront recommendations that they need to undertake to improve their immigration strategy.

We are confident that we are doing this right. As we continue to grow and expand our clientele in B2C and B2B markets.

If you still need convincing, let our clients speak for us — Read our Google Reviews.

It is all about the «value.» The Canadian market offers a wide range of immigration providers. Some of them provide a free consultation to get an opportunity to attract you as their client. If the consultation is free, these providers will maximize their chance to «sell» you their representation and talk about them, their company, and their achievements.

Here at WooW Canada, we do not believe you need to spend an hour listening to our success stories. We believe that your consultation should be about you, your case, your history in Canada, credentials, employment, Permanent Residency strategy and a step-by-step execution plan. Our consultations include an enhanced pre-consultation review of the details you provide by completing our Assessment Form. At the consultation, we invite you to a brainstorming session that will provide you with the positive outcome of having a clear road map on how to proceed with your immigration case. Your immigration strategy is the source of your confidence.

We believe that our purpose is to properly equip you with the relevant immigration knowledge to keep you focused on your personal, professional and immigration goals. We will advise you about your Plan A, B, C (etc.) and provide you with benefits, time frames, and risks that these plans might have. We will assist you in outlining your priorities clearly.

Moreover, we will be delighted to hear that you have decided to become our client, which means that WooW Canada will become your conductor in achieving your set immigration goals.

We will be happy to become your representatives in your immigration journey. Therefore, your consultation fees will be deducted from our professional fees if you decide to become a member of the WooW Canada Immigration family within 7 business days post-consultation. In other words, the consultation will be free.

In order to start our representation, you need to sign the WooW Canada Services Agreement that will outline your primary immigration service based on the strategy we will discuss with you. There might be a case where your application submission is urgent, or your PR strategy will have two or three stages. Therefore, your payment will depend on the services you authorize WooW Canada to perform.

We always structure our terms of payment to accommodate your particular situation. For example, we will not require you to pay for your PR application preparation and submission if you do not receive your ITA. You only pay for the service that is planned to be performed.

In accordance with the Retainer Agreement Regulations imposed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, we do not have the authorization to offer contingency fees to our clients.

Contingency fees are defined as the fees that are payable to an immigration provider upon a positive outcome of your application processing. Therefore, we are suggesting being very cautious with immigration providers who do offer these contingency terms of payment.

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