Thank you very much to Kateryna, Melany and Wow Canada team. Very professional, helpful, patient and highly qualified. Thanks to their help we have received our open work permits in a short period. For sure we are going to continue working with them!
Dana and Olexandr
True professionals. Kateryna and her team did an amazing job on my application and I was able to get my PR much sooner than I expected. I recommend them to anyone looking for an immigration consultant. Thank you for your hard work!
Artem Akbashev
Working with Kateryna was an absolute blast! Initially, I did the Express Entry application by myself, but as we’ve received the ITA, I realized our case was too complicated to handle on our own. We were travelling a lot and putting all this information together wasn’t easy.
As I contacted Kateryna, she was super responsive and mapped out a clear way for us to move forward. I do believe that one of the reasons we’ve got our PR so fast (under 5 months) was due to a very well-prepared and thought-out document submission that Kateryna guided us through.
Kateryna and LegaMax earn my highest recommendation!
Danka Ha
Wonderful experience! Professional! Do not even hesitate to contact. She is not only a professional and a great person!! Anytime I had questions I received the answers immediately. WooW Canada – they DO care !! Thank you!
Ira Chekhova
Katya is a very high level professional not suffering from lack of clients. 🙂 It`s always hard to find someone who won’t let you do unnecessary things even if he or she could make additional profit from it. Katya is such a pro. E.g., she won’t charge you for one hour if 30 minutes are enogh. Never leaves you hangig if you have something appointed. Katya always sticks to her deadlines even thogh her instagramm says the opposite. )))) By the way, some additional advice you may also get on @k_kuzhel_canada
See you in Ontario! 🙂
Dmytro SAKAL
If you need an immigration lawyer in Canada that’s the best place which you can ever find.
Anna Kuz
We would like to say thank you very much to Kateryna and her team! It was very professional approach to our case, she explained everything very clear to us. Whenever you have questions Kateryna and EveLina always there to help you. And we got approved very fast ? I’m so happy we choose WooW Canada immigration! Thank you Kateryna
Yulia Andrenova
It was a pleasure to work with Kateryna! I am so glad I’ve met her! She is a True Professional and she helped us to solve all the issues we had. I sincerely recommend Kateryna and WooW Canada Immigration to everyone!
Anastasia Turcanu
All I can say – thank you very much Kateryna! You are literally the best! You were working with my case, like with your own, and I really appreciate your help! I could’ve made many mistakes, but your professional review of my documents saved my life!
I would love to say that again – THANK YOU!
Boris Meshkov
Working with WOOWCANADA team was a big pleasure!!! These guys are real professionals, and I mean REAL! Thank you Kateryna so much for helping me out with applying to college and getting my Study Permit. Honestly, I thought it was almost impossible in my case, but you made my dream come true! Sending you much much love!
Had a short conversation of about 30 minutes. The lawyer is very knowledgeable and they are patient to hear you out.
Saurabh Kumar
I would like to thank Woow Canada for such professionalism! Special thank you to Kateryna and Melany! You are amazing. Whenever I had any questions about my case they were there to help and support. I’m really glad I chose Woow Canada. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s seeking help with the immigration process:)
Kateryna is a talented consultant, very careful to detail and dedicated to her work. She helped me to improve my application after refusal and was very responsive to my needs. Would definitely recommend.
Aida Maratova
Absolutely fantastic service. Choosing a lawyer that would help you with immigration can be a daunting task… I can say that choosing WooW Canada has been one of my best decisions. Kateryna and Evelina are super professional and helpful! It’s been a pleasure working with this wonderful team and I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking counsel and/or help with immigration and immigration-related issues!
Nick Protsenko
Its an amazing company and even more beautiful lawyers! Very trustworthy, very responsible, very productive. Me and my husband had an immigration problems more than a year and all other immigration lawyers told as they can not deal with it, some of them did a mistakes which made our deal even more harder. And only this company helped as. Everything was clear and accurate. They told as which documents we need to gather, what the due date, and always was ready to help with any different consultations about the process. I strongly believe me and my husband are lucky people, that we have the opportunity to be a customers of Woow Canada Immigration company!
Aileen Nova
Very professional group honest and hardworking people. Thank you for your work. Always a great pleasure working with your company! Yours truly, FC Vorkuta
Samad Kadirov
It was a real pleasure to work with WooW Canada immigration company. Your high level of customer service impressed me because not all companies take care of their customers as well as the WooW Canada team does. The wonderful one-on-one consultation with professional, knowledgeable and responsible immigration consultant – Kateryna Kyzhel helped me to find the right way to immigrate to Canada. After the consultation, WooW Canada team always responded to my emails with answers to various questions. Also, they are sharing free useful information about education and immigration in Canada via webinars. Thank you for your wonderful work!
Viktor Gladkih
This company helps me arrange a express entry and maintains documentation for a study permit. I will say briefly: a wonderful and responsive team head by Kateryna, clearly a professional in her business! very informative advice and support. It is important! Nice office a bit remote from the center, but close to the subway station! I definitely recommended!
Pavel Lyubomsky
It was a pleasure working with Kateryna. Superb level of customer service. Professional, knowledgeable, and reliable team. She helped me through the Express Entry process and successfully get my Permanent Residency! Thank you!!
Julia Meshkova
After endlessly searching for the right immigration consultant, I met Kateryna and her team. Efficiently responded to all my concerns, scheduled a face-to-face appointment in a very short period of time, and provided clear answers to all of my questions. Thank you for your service!
Anastasia Aksenova