Canada Study Permit

Studying in Canada is a great opportunity to get Permanent Residency!

In recent years, Canada is confident that the best way to attract high-quality specialists to the country is to invite students from abroad to study, teach and leave them to work. Such people will be able to work longer than others. What does this mean for us? That immigration through education is becoming one of the most reliable ways to obtain Permanent Resident Status in Canada.

Canada has always been famous for its open immigration policy, thanks to which it attracts experienced professionals.

After the introduction of the Express Entry system, the process of submitting documents has become more complicated, and the requirements for qualified employees are stricter. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that these innovations are designed to guarantee a successful career for newly arrived specialists and their integration into Canadian society.

What professional support do you get from us?

As part of our package of “IMMIGRATION THROUGH EDUCATION” you will receive professional immigration guidance, including:

  • How to develop an immigration path through education?
  • Which program will provide you with employment in Canada?
  • How to register for a program at a university in Canada?
  • How to develop the right application for a student visa?
  • Which college provides the opportunity to obtain a Work Visa / Post-Graduation Work Permit for immigration?

Get full details about immigration through education program.

What customers say…

Katya is a very high level professional not suffering from lack of clients. 🙂 It`s always hard to find someone who won’t let you do unnecessary things even if he or she could make additional profit from it. Katya is such a pro. E.g., she won’t charge you for one hour if 30 minutes are enogh. Never leaves you hangig if you have something appointed. Katya always sticks to her deadlines even though her instagram says the opposite. ))))
Dmytro SAKAL
Thank you very much to Kateryna, Melany and Wow Canada team. Very professional, helpful, patient and highly qualified. Thanks to their help we have received our open work permits in a short period. For sure we are going to continue working with them!
Dana and Olexandr
Absolutely fantastic service. Choosing a lawyer that would help you with immigration can be a daunting task… I can say that choosing WooW Canada has been one of my best decisions. Kateryna and Evelina are super professional and helpful!
It’s been a pleasure working with this wonderful team and I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking counsel and/or help with immigration and immigration-related issues!
Nick Protsenko
Terrific work has been done by Kateryna, Seva, and WoowCanada team!
Thanks to them I’ve got approved SP recently. If you have any intentions regarding traveling to Canada in the future, please, do not hesitate to appeal to them. They will assess your individual case and develop the best resolution way to secure your goals. They know what they do.
Loads of love to you guys! You are my role models.
I met WooW Canada on their immigration conference and was positively surprised by professionalism and depth of knowledge of the company employees. They explained me different ways and strategies I’d follow with their pros and cons.
Later, WooW Canada prepared and submitted my Study Permit application and I got it successfully.
So, they know the stuff they provide!
Andrei Portnov
Dedicated professionals – these two words best describe Kateryna Kuzhel and her team. It has been a great pleasure working with them! If you are looking for top-level immigration services, then you should definitely choose WooW Canada. You will get professional assistance through your immigration application, friendly communication, and eagerness to answer any of your questions.
I’m very pleased with service from WooW Canada Immigration. Here, I found professionals, who always demonstrate willingness to help and can recommend to you the best options for your specific case.
I would like to say my huge thanks to Katerina, Sevinj and all the team of WooW Canada Immigration. I strongly recommend this company to everyone who needs to get professional service with all questions, related to immigration and work in Canada.
Tetiana Bilous
My coordinator Meredith was very helpful throughout my application for PGWP. I really appreciated WooW Canada’s support even after they submitted my application. They promptly answered my immigration questions that exceeded the scope of my initial issue.
I got my PGWP, and will for sure use WooW Canada if I need further immigration support.
Anya Poluianova
WooW Canada Team – is a professional and dedicated team!
If you are still looking for a good company to take care of your documents. Then you are in the right place!
The WooW Canada Team is like a second family! They worry, care and do a hard job for you to immigrate to Canada. I was so amazed at their great work!
I plan to continue to cooperate with the WooW Canada Team, as there is no other such company!
Adelina Korchak
I am soooooo so so happy with the WooW Canada Immigration. Never have I ever been so calm about my documents. From the first meeting till these days (we work together for a year now) they have been loyal, sharp, always up to date, caring and legit. I can honestly say that they have 100% of my trust, because they have always been giving me exactly what have said they would. On the first consultation I was impressed by the proficiency of the leading consultant Kateryna and her genuien drive to help me in the most officient way possible. I recommend them to all my closest humans and would recommend them to anyone who trully wants to get their documents done clean, safe and professionally.
Eliza Shik
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