Canada Study Permit

Studying in Canada is a great opportunity to get Permanent Residency!

In recent years, Canada is confident that the best way to attract high-quality specialists to the country is to invite students from abroad to study, teach and leave them to work. Such people will be able to work longer than others. What does this mean for us? That immigration through education is becoming one of the most reliable ways to obtain Permanent Resident Status in Canada.

Canada has always been famous for its open immigration policy, thanks to which it attracts experienced professionals.

After the introduction of the Express Entry system, the process of submitting documents has become more complicated, and the requirements for qualified employees are stricter. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that these innovations are designed to guarantee a successful career for newly arrived specialists and their integration into Canadian society.

What professional support do you get from us?

As part of our package of “IMMIGRATION THROUGH EDUCATION” you will receive professional immigration guidance, including:

  • How to develop an immigration path through education?
  • Which program will provide you with employment in Canada?
  • How to register for a program at a university in Canada?
  • How to develop the right application for a student visa?
  • Which college provides the opportunity to obtain a Work Visa / Post-Graduation Work Permit for immigration?

Get full details about immigration through education program.

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